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Hallow Voice (Consular)

The Esh-kha patriarch Hallow Voice is an enigma among his own people. He was born while the previous Esh-kha patriarch was still strong and healthy--an unprecedented event. Later, he earned his name by eloquently expressing strange new ideas. Hallow Voice claimed the Esh-kha should find a way to coexist with other species instead of wiping them out. The other Esh-kha were flummoxed by this. Eventually, it was agreed by everyone--Hallow Voice included--that he should take a small group away from the main Esh-kha force to try out his theories.

Soon after, the Rakata Infinite Empire attacked the Esh-kha to stop their marauding, which had claimed many of the Rakata slave worlds. Hallow Voice appealed to the Rakata to spare his people. The Rakata strung out negotiations until they were confident they had the Esh-kha contained, then captured Hallow Voice. Millennia of imprisonment on Belsavis have not made him bitter; rather, Hallow Voice is more devoted than ever to a spirit of cooperation and to calming the murderous instincts of his cousin Esh-kha.