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Rampant cheating has long plagued sabacc at both amateur and professional levels--but while most casino owners tolerate such profit-gouging trickery, Jar'ga the Hutt found a solution. He commissioned a version of sabacc played entirely through holo, eliminating physical cards. When Jar'ga unveiled the first holo-sabacc table at casino on Nar Shaddaa, it sparked a craze of galactic proportions. Soon every casino in known space had at least one holo-sabacc table.

Of course, it didn't stop cheaters in the slightest. Slicers immediately set to work creating stacked holo-decks and altering card algorithms. Sliced holo-sabacc systems can now be purchased at the black markets on every major world. Jar'ga himself has a sliced holo-sabacc table hidden in his casino--stacked, of course, in the dealer's favor.