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House Rist

Legendary assassins and spies, the members of House Rist trace their roots to an Exchange crime lord who provided illicit services to the Alderaanian nobility. After years of underhanded dealings, the crime lord was granted his own lands, and the Rists were legitimized as a minor noble house. Rather than abandon their criminal roots, however, the Rists continued to discreetly ply their murderous trade while enjoying the trappings of privilege, earning favor and leverage with the other nobles in the process.

Eventually House Ulgo sought and acquired House Rist's pledge as a vassal. The promotion was a controversial move, but a shrewd one, as the Ulgos now had sole claim to the Rists' vast underworld resources. The recent death of Gaul Panteer has cast suspicion on Rist and Ulgo alike, as many believe Rist assassins were responsible for the Senator's demise.



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