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Intelligence Profile: The Red Blade (Agent)

Alias: The Red Blade
Gender: Unknown
Species: Unknown
Age: Unknown

Background (Summary): Mysterious pirate known to operate along the Ison Corridor trade route in the Outer Rim. Typically assaults and pillages mid-size trade vessels with military escorts. Regularly docks at underworld havens (Port Nowhere, Wild Byth's) to refuel, sell off cargo and celebrate accomplishments. Rarely emerges from ship or private suites during celebrations.

Personality: The Red Blade is brutal during raids, rarely leaving survivors. Despite the pirate's obvious caution, we believe the Red Blade's identity isn't entirely secret--he or she has been present during raucous parties and gatherings at several pirate bases--but rather, revealed only to trusted associates and otherwise protected through obscurity.

Notes: Although the Red Blade identity is suitable for undercover operations in Hutt Space, do not attempt to operate under this alias near the Ison Corridor.