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Kaleesh Mercenaries

The Kaleesh as a species are known for their strong warrior culture, grounded in a religious belief that great deeds in battle place one on the path to godhood after death. It is not typical, therefore, for Kaleesh to sell themselves as mercenaries, as doing so is often viewed as dishonorable.

With the outbreak of the latest war between the Republic and Empire, however, mercenary work has become too plentiful for the Kaleesh to ignore. Many clans of Kaleesh have formed armies-for-hire, throwing their lot in with the alien-friendly Republic--and charging a high price. Still, the Republic's way of waging war leaves little room for the valiant acts of heroism that form the backbone of Kaleesh religion, and it seems likely that should the Empire move beyond its alien prejudices, the Kaleesh might be persuaded to switch sides.