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Mandalorian Relics: Muugyn's Plan

During the Mandalorian Wars, a skirmish between Mandalorians and Jedi forces took place on Vur IV. The Mandalorians held out as long as they could, but after several weeks of intense fighting, they began to lose ground.

Orders came to abandon the planet to the Jedi and regroup in a neutral sector. Young Mandalorian recruit Worr Muugyn refused the order, instead asking for volunteers to hold a fortified position they called "Blood Ridge." Muugyn sketched out his plan on a piece of leather cut from his tabard.

Following his lead, some of his followers held the hill for several days, while Jedi forces committed more and more resources to overrunning the location. The distraction proved enough of a tactical advantage that the rest of Muugyn's small, but dedicated, group could fortify more positions in the area and mount a counterattack.

Muugyn survived what would be known as the Battle of Blood Ridge and continued to lead Mandalorian forces until he died in battle in 3959 BBY. To this day, Muugyn's Plan remains a symbol of courage and determination to many Mandalorian clans.



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