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Master Sal-Deron

As shrewd as she is capable, Master Sal-Deron is an expert in reconnaissance and intelligence skills not typically possessed by members of the Jedi Order.

When Sal-Deron first began to assist with missions for the Republic's Strategic Information Service, some of the agents objected, as they were hesitant to trust an asset who might use conspicuous Force powers to complete such sensitive tasks. But before long, Sal-Deron had proved several times over that she didn't need to rely on the Force to extract information or infiltrate the enemy, and the detractors began to respect--if not outright admire--her expertise.

Master Sal-Deron became such an integral member of the SIS team that when the Eternal Empire invaded Republic space, several SIS agents helped Sal-Deron go to ground. During her time in hiding, Sal-Deron continued to work, using her contacts to track down and keep tabs on other Jedi who had gone underground. Her efforts in locating Jedi in exile throughout the galaxy form the foundation for Task Force Nova's objectives.