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Master Vinyor Tesh

Vinyor Tesh, the son of researchers based in the Manaan capital of Ahto City, was only a few years old when the Sith Empire attacked Manaan and destroyed all of its surface developments. Vinyor's parents were killed during the assault, and the young Nautolan barely escaped with the help of a visiting Jedi named Laotah.

Laotah brought young Vinyor to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, where he was given the opportunity to work in the archives. After a few years on Coruscant, Vinyor showed signs that he was Force adept. Vinyor asked that he be allowed to continue working in the archives during his Jedi training, as cataloging records and research tasks helped him feel a connection to his parents.

After Vinyor was displaced for a second time following the Sith Empire's attack on Coruscant, Vinyor focused on recovering and preserving lost records from places that had been destroyed by the Sith. As he attained the ranks of Jedi Knight and Jedi Master, Vinyor's desire to safeguard the valuable information in the Jedi's possession only grew.

Master Vinyor never forgot the stabilizing influence the Jedi provided during the chaos of his childhood, and joining Task Force Nova only emboldened his desire to maintain that stability by enforcing the Jedi's traditional rules and protocols. Any who challenge Master Vinyor's devotion to order and security within the Jedi--or try to change the Jedi into something new--are met with Vinyor's derision.