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Odessen Wildlife: Evolution

Notes from Doctor Juvard Illip Oggurobb:

Due to the rapid escalation of evolution observed on Odessen, I have imported creatures from other planets and released them into the wilds to monitor the effects.

The sleen, extracted from the jungles of Dromund Kaas, exhibited a marked increase in agility and reaction time. Perhaps this creature's serum could be used to make performance-enhancing adrenals.

From Makeb, I secured a fine makrin specimen with the intent of studying its adaptability. As predicted, this remarkable species altered the texture of its skin to better mirror the sturdy hardwoods of Odessen forests.

The Taris bogstalker saw the most shockingly rapid evolution thus far. The creature developed an incredible predatory feature: a plasteel-like barb at the end of its tail. It has evolved enough to warrant a new breed, which I call the "steel-tailed stalker."

I've allowed the creatures to continue their existence on Odessen, as I hope to further observe their acclimation.