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SIS Asset Brief: Agent Rane Kovach

Asset Kovach first encountered in connection with Ziost Liberation Front [REF: ZO-1411]. Attempted to assume leadership position, dissuade ZLF from targeting civilians. Ultimately unsuccessful.

Approached by Agent Theron Shan [REF: ST-66] to infiltrate similar dissident groups, foment revolution while minimizing casualties. Assignments included Jurio, Drezzi. Reassigned upon discovery of possible IMPERIAL INTELLIGENCE reorganization on Ziost. Asset Kovach earned respect, trust of Sith Lord Lana Beniko [REF: BL-172]. Recruited into new SITH INTELLIGENCE headed under Beniko. Has since provided organizational schema, select asset details.

Potential for high-level installation promising. Short-term gains are to be deprioritized against the long term.