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The End of Basilisk: Part 1

"Basilisk was once a lush, humid world located not far from Coruscant. Its inhabitants, the Basiliskans, were an intelligent, lizard-like species who were known throughout the Republic for expertly crafting fearsome droids that were nothing short of weapons of war.

At the dawn of the "Great Shadow Crusade" (the moniker by which the Mandalorians know the time of the Great Sith War), the Mandalorians turned their bloodthirsty gaze to Basilisk. The ruthless warriors ravaged the planet without mercy, seeking to enslave the Basiliskan people and their war droids.

The Basiliskans, however, proved to be formidable foes. Some even earned the respect of the Mandalorian invaders through their determination and willingness to fight. But the resistance was not enough, even with Republic and Jedi reinforcements. Ultimately, the Basiliskans were no match against the relentless onslaught dispatched by the Mandalorian Crusaders...."

--From a historical account of the Great Sith War, found in the Jedi archives on Tython



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