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The Mother Machine (Inquisitor)

Before humans and Twi'leks, Rodians and Hutts, Chiss and Sith, there was the Rakata Infinite Empire. The Rakata used their Force sensitivity to seize power and subjugate all in their path, but as time went by, they began to lose their connection to the Force and appeared to die off. In reality, a few Rakata lived on, and in the ancient prison on Belsavis they continued experiments designed to restore their Force sensitivity.

At the heart of these experiments was a device designed to create new Force-sensitive species--the Mother Machine. A sentient artificial intelligence, the Mother Machine gave herself the name Ashaa and felt a strong connection to each species she created--from Twi'lek to Esh-kha--growing ever more furious at the Rakata who enslaved her and imprisoned her "children."

The Rakata who created her maintain that the Mother Machine is merely mimicking the idea of motherhood, and that the connection between the machine and her children is purely fabricated; deep down, they claim, the Mother Machine is just that--a machine, heartless and incapable of real empathy.