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Commander Qrukk

The Sith Empire has never shied away from using mercenary forces in their military operations--they're ruthless, expendable, and will do almost any job as long as the pay is good. But a mercenary rising through the ranks of an institution as prestigious as Sith Intelligence is almost unheard of.

Before he took command of the Imperial Infiltration Specialists, Qrukk was a member of Krallet Division, an Imperial unit made up entirely of the most vicious mercenaries credits could buy. Qrukk was infamous among the squad for being constantly at odds with Krallet Division's leader, Jilo Del, about their activities. While Del reveled in the indiscriminate slaughter of soldiers and civilians alike, Qrukk wanted purpose and tasks that actually strengthened the Empire.

Following one particularly heated exchange, Qrukk began formulating a plan to oust Jilo Del and succeed him as the leader of Krallet Division. Before he could carry out his plot, however, Qrukk was approached by Darth Xarion, the head of Sith Intelligence. One of the participants in Qrukk's scheme--an undercover subordinate of Xarion's hoping for a promotion--reported Qrukk's plans to her master.

Xarion, impressed with Qrukk's restraint, patience, and skill, offered him a position in a specialized task force charged with taking over Manaan, slowly and from the shadows. Qrukk enthusiastically agreed to serve Xarion, now that he offered the only thing Qrukk had wanted: purpose.