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Harido Wald

"No good rebellion follows the rules." - Veek the Sneak to Gritha Dar

Founded by Veek the Sneak, Harido Wald started as a small smuggling ring with an extremely limited network of contacts. Operating mostly in oppressive Hutt territories meant Harido Wald barely eked out a profit; the group only survived thanks to Veek's genial method of making deals and the loyalty of Harido Wald's members. That loyalty was put to the test after Veek promised Gritha Dar, the leader of a slave rebellion against the Hutt rulers of Mek-Sha, the services of his organization.

With the Hutts gone and Gritha Dar (now known as Huttbreaker) ruling Mek-Sha, Veek saw a prime opportunity to put Harido Wald on the map. Mek-Sha's denizens were clamoring for goods they had been denied for years, so Veek relocated his base of operations to the newly liberated station.