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Jilo Del

Even before he found what he considered to be his calling as a gun-for-hire, Jilo Del's admitted lack of morals meant that he would do anything, no questions asked--as long as the price was right.

Del had only completed a few jobs as a mercenary before his reputation for depravity was already widely known. This caught the attention of an Imperial Admiral, who hired Del to eradicate an entire colony.

After the job was finished, the admiral revealed that her sister, who was defecting to the Republic, had been hiding in the small, remote settlement. In order to remove any connection to the deserter, the admiral betrayed Del and turned him over to the Imperial Army.

Del's punishment was short-lived. He was indentured into serving the Imperial Army and promised a large sum of credits if he formed a merciless hit squad, made up of equally-unprincipled mercenaries, that could be easily disavowed. Del took on the title "Captain"--as a joke more than an actual rank--and he was given free rein to recruit the most ruthless assassins, contract killers, and executioners the galaxy's underworld had to offer... as long as they were as unprincipled as Del.

Under Del's leadership, his hit squad was responsible for some of the worst atrocities committed during the Third Galactic War, many of them against civilians and noncombatants.