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Knights of Zakuul

Before Zakuulans served the Immortal Emperor, they lived in nomadic tribes, each led by three Force sensitives: Matriarch, Champion and High Shaman. After Valkorion had united the tribes, he repurposed these roles to form the Knights of Zakuul. Officially considered protectors of the people, Knights hunt down corruption in the Eternal Empire. In actuality, they are enforcers of the Emperor's will and fanatical in their adoration for Valkorion and his family. Zakuul Knights don't limit themselves to studying one side of the Force, instead teaching balance and exploration. Knights have their own relationships with the Force, but are encouraged to share their findings with the rest of the order. No area is deemed "weak" or "a dangerous path"--they are all parts of a larger, limitless power. Ultimately, every action a Knight takes is to honor the Immortal Emperor. Sacrifices, whether material or a life, are essential to show one's commitment to the Emperor.