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Minn Ishkah

A seasoned diplomat with a decades-long résumé, Minn Ishkah began her career as a special envoy between General Elin Garza, Havoc Squad, and the Republic Senate. Her appointment came shortly after an incident on Ando Prime, in which Garza dispatched Havoc Squad without authorization or approval.

Ishkah's superiors made her role clear: rein in Garza's reckless disregard for the tentative peace between the Republic and the Sith Empire, and report all concerns to representatives of the Senate.

Before long, her superiors began to realize that Ishkah's presence had little influence on Garza--instead, Ishkah seemed to be adopting Garza's brash demeanor and impulsiveness, as well as her opinions on where, when, and how the Republic military should be involved. By the time Ishkah was removed from her position, she had formed many close contacts within the military who shared her fervent belief in the Republic's superiority over the Empire.

Although the vast majority of Ishkah's subsequent assignments were successful, they were not without issues. Her current reputation in the diplomatic community is complicated: most respect her devotion, but all are wary of her nettlesome disposition.