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Scions of Zakuul

Scions are a subgroup of Zakuul Knights who can glimpse the future through the Force. Before Arcann's coronation, they were often paired with other Knights to form a team with both mental and physical prowess. Scions are infatuated with the idea of fate and consider their visions foolproof. Valkorion was content to use this obsession to his advantage, but Arcann detested the Scions, believing them narrow-minded fools. One of his first acts as Emperor was the mass slaughter of Scions, creating a schism in the Zakuul Knights. Some abandoned the order completely, and anyone who spoke out against the new Emperor was cut down by High Justice Vaylin. The surviving Scions, led by Heskal, fled to Asylum, where they waited for the Outlander prophesized to defeat Emperor Arcann.