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The Settlement of Rishi

More than a century ago, a roving crew of adventurous pirates called the Nova Blades embarked on a perilous journey that would take them outside of the galaxy itself. In attempting to navigate the byzantine path to the dwarf galaxy known as the Rishi Maze, the Nova Blades ultimately lost their way. With hardly any fuel left, they somehow managed to find their way back and crash-landed on the only planet within reach--Rishi.

Their ship, the Aggressor, took on heavy damage when it slammed into a mountain on a pristine jungle isle. With no way off the planet, the Nova Blades took to making a home for themselves on Rishi. By the time the Nova Blades learned to refine Rishi's abundant fossil fuels and return to the stars, it was not to escape but to send out invitations to like-minded gangs and individuals. Their offer: come with us to a lush oasis far away from galactic governance. Unsurprisingly, not a single invitee turned them down.



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