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Voss-Gormak Alliance

After centuries of bitter conflict, the Voss and Gormak formed an uneasy truce to defend their homeworld against a new foe--the Eternal Empire. Their alliance has proven surprisingly effective, with the meditative reserve of the Voss complimenting the ferocious strength of the Gormak to form a formidable army. However, tension divides their ranks.

A particular point of dispute is the ratio of Gormak casualties, with most Gormak leaders claiming their own losses are far too low. Casualties among the two species are nearly equal even though the bulk of the frontline troops are Gormak.

This may be because Voss strategy is shaped by an ancient decree from the Mystics stating "the last Gormak must not die." But as one Gormak shaman complained, "Gormak fight. Gormak die. Gormak win. Voss stop Gormak dying, Voss stop Gormak winning."