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Ice Cat Research Specimen

Level 65 | Standard | Creature


Passives (3)

Passive abilities are applied as soon as the NPC spawns. They usually add certain buffs to the NPC.

Abilities (2)

NPCs always use the abilities with the highest priority. If an ability is not available (because it is still on cooldown or the conditions are not met), then the NPC tries to use the ability with the second-highest priority, and so on.


Melee Attack

A series of unarmed swings for a creature.

FQN: abl.​flurry.​creature.​unarmed.​cat_melee

Melee Attack
1.5sinstant4 m0100%


FQN: abl.​creature.​cat.​cat_default_special_attack

4.5sinstant4 m065%


Gives codex entry:

Pantran Whitefang

The sleek and lethal whitefang cats are noteworthy for having bodies composed almost entirely of muscle. These felines do not store any fat, and consequently must constantly be on the hunt. They are the only creatures on Hoth capable of matching a tauntaun's running speed.

Certain enterprising crime lords have attempted to train captured whitefangs for use as guard animals. These experiments have routinely ended in disaster for trainers and beasts alike. On the other hand, underground death duel arenas have profited tremendously from the spectacle these untamed creatures can provide.

Category: Bestiary

Planet: 16141109882649941585

XP Level: 36

FQN: cdx.​bestiary.​pantran_whitefang

Pantran Whitefang
Loot information

Loot package: 11777203892168266857



3D model
  • Material: cat_pantranwhitefang_a01_v01
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