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Suppression Collar


Suppression Collar




Used by

Related effects, buffs and debuffs

  • [does not expire]
    utilitybeltwithmanyslotsSuppression Collar
    You've been fitted with one of the Eternal Empire's Suppression Collars, slowing you and preventing you from using your normal abilities. You need to find a way out of your cell and remove it before proceeding.

    • On Apply

    Perform the following actions:

    • Unknown (162)
    • Set movement speed to 55%
    • Play appearance epp . flashpoint . star_fortress . environmental . prison_break . shock_collar, dependent on calling effect
    • When effect ticks

    Only when the following conditions are met:

    Perform the following actions:

    • Remove this effect
    • Just before this effect is removed

    Perform the following actions:

    • Play appearance epp . flashpoint . star_fortress . environmental . prison_break . shock_collar_end, dependent on calling effect