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The Rishii do not have leaders as such, but there are those of great intellect and vast experience who are often looked to for wisdom and guidance. One such Rishii is Arankau, whose placid manner and even keel belie a most violent event from his past.

In his youth, like all Rishii, Arankau was curious about the Nova Blades. He was also wary that they might one day attack. He constantly monitored the Blades' behavior and made note of their combat capabilities whenever they fought amongst themselves. When a group of Blades finally decided it was time to test the resolve of the native Rishii by raiding their villages, Arankau was ready with an ambush. Dozens of Rishii led by Arankau severely wounded every Nova Blade in sight--but left not one of them dead. It was the last time outsiders ever sought to cross the Rishii. It also marked the only time Arankau has ever had to fight.