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What do you do when the life you're born into keeps you down? If you're anything like Coratanni, you spit on that life and find a better one. Born to Nova Blades on Rishi, Coratanni--"Cora" to her friends--was never taken seriously by the pirates she called family. Her sly notions were seen more as an indication of a good trader than a good pirate, and her thirst for adventure was seen as just no good.

Far too ambitious to be a simple merchant, Cora eventually stowed away on a ship departing Raider's Cove. When that ship was raided and boarded by pirates, young Cora defended herself admirably--so much so that the captain offered her a place with his crew, the legendary Ravagers. Ever since, Cora's pushed and robbed and fought and connived to make a name for herself--like a good Ravager should. She has finally found her ambitions rewarded in this, her better life.