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The Ash'ad

"I convinced Luth to come with me. I showed him we could no longer follow Vizla. We are warriors, we should be taking our fight to Zakuul, not the worthless machines on Darvannis. Vizla may be Mandalore, but Zakuul left no other challengers. Maybe this is her way of thanking them.

I know there are others who feel the same, who will come with me too. There is a king who will let us hunt on his world. It is swarming with beasts the mightiest of us could only imagine. We can finally meet worthy prey again. The fool king wants tribute from our quarry, to slay offworld creatures and bring them to him from time to time. In return, he will leave us to hunt in peace. The di'kut doesn't understand that acquiring his "payment" will bring us the honor we crave.

When we leave, Vizla will say we are not Mando'ade, and those sheb'urcyin who have forgotten what that word means will agree with her. But if what she has made us is "Mando'ade," then I want no part of it. I will be ash'ad. I will be someone else."
--From the journal of Mirli Lok, leader of the Ash'ad



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