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The Slayers Three

Following a set of chronal intervals unrelated to any known calendar, Angol, Bez, and Derrus Martilla venture out from their home in the Spawn Nebula to revel in the spirit of the hunt. Calling themselves the "Slayers Three", these proud siblings make landfall on a world decreed by their shamans to track and kill that world's most formidable beasts in ceremonial fashion. The Slayers Three are said to be among the galaxy's most skilled big-game hunters, having yet to find a creature that could get the best of them.

Some have come to question the veracity of the Slayers' story, even calling the siblings delusional. Since no one can determine which world they're from--even with their peculiar accents--there is no sure way to verify who these "shamans" are or what specific purpose the Slayers' "ceremonial hunt" serves. But the reported growing cynicism of one of the siblings does lend some credence to their stories. Regardless of any debate about the truth, one fact endures: when the Slayers Three arrive to hunt, excitement is sure to follow.