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Located in the Ghost Nebula, Umbara earned the name "Shadow World" for its eternal darkness and misty landscape. In isolation from the rest of the galaxy, Umbara's population developed engineering feats far outstripping those in known space. Most notable is Umbara's research into technological uses for Adegan crystals.

Though offworlders have no issue breathing the planet's dense atmosphere, native Umbarans' delicate systems require special helmets in order to breathe. Preferring solitude and secrecy, Umbarans rarely leave their dark homeworld, opting to isolate themselves from the rest of Republic space. This, alongside their stealth combat proficiency and natural preference for darkness, led offworlders to dub Umbarans "Shadow People."


Codex entries on this planet (1)

State of the Galaxy - Resource War

Even before the Eternal Empire's reign, the war between the Republic and Sith Empire created a constant strain on resources. Vital raw materials from planets on both sides were often shipped to the military for use in the war, creating scarcity on Republic and Imperial worlds.

When both factions fell to the Eternal Empire, what little raw materials and supplies they'd managed to save were forfeited to the Eternal Fleet. Conquered worlds suffered a major resource crisis and resorted to heavy rationing. In extreme cases, like Tatooine, civilian vehicles were confiscated for scrap, and residents were limited to a single government-issued ration bar per day.

After the Eternal Empire's defeat, many hoped for an improvement in the availability of resources. However, what little the newly freed planets had left was needed to repair the damage caused by the devastating war. Those hit hardest by the Eternal Fleet, such as Voss, struggled to survive amidst the wreckage of their crops and manufacturing facilities. For both the Empire and Republic, hope lies in what little they can secure from neutral worlds discovered during the war.

Category: Lore

Planet: 16141060494626220260

XP Level: 1

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State of the Galaxy - Resource War