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Dark Bastion


Dark Bastion


The cooldown of Dark Ward is reduced by 5 seconds, the shield chance it provides is increased by an additional 3%, and shielding an attack while it is active has a 20% chance to restore a charge and increase its active duration by 1 second. In addition, Dark Bulwark can build 2 additional stacks.


Rank 1
tag.abl.sith_inquisitor.dark_ward_glance_chanceEffect Action: Modify Stat (Fixed Modifier)+0.03
tag.abl.sith_inquisitor.dark_bulwark_stacksEffect Max Charges+2

Dark Ward

Surrounds you in a dark ward with 15 charges that increases your shield chance by 18% for <<1[%d/%d/%d]>> seconds. Each time you successfully shield, Dark Ward loses 1 charge. Does not break Stealth.

FQN: abl.​sith_inquisitor.​skill.​darkness.​dark_ward

Dark Ward
Cooldown Time-5



Used by
  • apc.test.cdurel.class_prototypes.inq_con.assassin_darkness
  • apc.sith_inquisitor.assassin.darkness